《遇见》(双光碟) “ Encounter” Duo CD

林子诗词  潘耀田作曲

Lyrics (Chinese & English) Poems by Lin Zi

Music by Phoon Yew Tien


光碟 1 CD 1

独唱曲 Vocal Solos

女高独唱 :何米亚
钢琴伴奏 :卢绍璇

Soprano : He Miya

Piano : Low Shao Suan

歌词 Lyrics


犬辞旧岁豕当家,朗朗乾坤更物华。 雨细风轻诸事顺,烟花三月试新茶。

1. Wishes for the Year of the Pig

The Dog’s made way for the Pig to rule Robust is the world which shows all anew All goes well when the rain is light and wind soft, Come the third misty moon we get fresh tea to taste.


昆仑浪, 绿水唱轻歌。 晨起且看云曼卷, 暮归还听树婆娑, 岁月枉蹉跎。

2 Waves of Kunlun

O, waves of Kunlun The green water softly sings. Early morning sees the clouds rolling by, The twilight hears trees rustling about, As times idly passes on.


三月似流火,更堪迷雾锁。 芭蕉扇一挥,善恶见因果。

3 Third Moon Fire

The third month feels like wildfire in summer Aggravated by the thick misty haze May the palm-leaf fan wipe it off So that we’ll see if the karma is good or bad.


湖水郁, 远山缥缈烟波绿。 烟波绿, 微风荡漾, 小舟轻逐。村人自古知淳淑, 边城远近传芳馥。 传芳馥, 云林深处, 缪斯归宿。

4 Taiping Lake

Lush water of the lake, Reflects ethereal hills on the misty green waves. Misty green waves Rippling in the gentle breeze Small boats racing with each other. Villagers trusty and simple as they have always been. The town’s good name is known near and far. Indeed, known near and far, An abode lies deep in the clouded wood Where my muse does reside.


一切尽在偶然间, 时光转瞬, 穿越了半个世纪, 踏遍了千山万水。
不在乎云彩飘忽无定时, 却依旧是朗朗的月, 和那无意之中, 洒落一地的遐思。

5. Perchance

All in a chance moment, Time in a wink of an eye, We have gone through half a century, And crossed lands and seas the world over. Fret not the colourful clouds being unpredictable The clear moon still shines brightly Accidentally filling the night With sprinkles of fantasies all over the land.


如果时光倒流, 能否遇见? 如果时光倒流, 亦如此刻, 在茫茫人海中,不期然相遇。 在无边网中, 不期然相遇。
都说遇见是缘, 不再是遗憾的擦肩。 都说遇见是缘, 却已是过了千年。

6. The Encounter

If we could go back in time Would we have met? If we could go back in time, As at this very moment, In the boundless sea of people By chance we met. To meet is destined so they say, Rather than missed with each other passing? To meet is destined so they say, But then it’s been a thousand years.


合唱曲 Choral works:


新加坡青年合唱团 (1,2,8)


Singapore Youth Choir (1,2,8)

Conductor ; Chong Wai Lun


壹乐团 (3,4,5,6,7,9)


One Chamber (3,4,5,6,7,9)

Conductor : Lim Ai Hooi


钢琴伴奏 : 张平辉

Piano : Shane Thio


歌词 Lyrics


是当年, 是当年的正茂风华, 不期而遇邂逅了春天。 春湖谧静, 小舟悠闲, 弹指之间,划过了岁月。 我的半截琴韵, 你的悦耳二泉, 伴随欢声笑语 一 一 把梦牵。
再回眸, 再回眸春风依旧水涟涟, 不知何处是从前? 故土风物, 悠悠情缘。 宛似飞鸢一一断了线。

1.Spring Lake

It was that year When the exuberance of my youth met with Spring quite by chance. The tranquil lake And an unhurried boat Saw seasons glide swiftly by In a snap While my broken chords With sweet strains of your “twin-spring” Brought mirth and laughter back like a dream As I look back The spring breezes still stir up ripples Things remain the same in my homeland Evoking cherished memories That drift like a kite - with its line broken

2. 《杜鹃花》

灼灼映山红,娇妍绿野中, 无心争炫彩,一意向春风。 忍听子规泣,还寻落叶桐。 百花萎靡处,独自祭英雄。

2 Azaleas

Their blooms dazzle in red in the hills Radiating charms in the verdant wild Not eager at all to boast of their splendour As though determined to embrace Spring. I strain to listen to the cuckoo’s cry While seeking fallen leaves of the candlenut tree Only to find them where flowers lie withered As I stand alone in honour of war heroes


风尘未住荡波心,月色凄凄每独吟。 有感人间多憾事,情思一缕寄知音。

3 The Breeze and the Moon

Unsettled yet the dust in the breeze, rippling In cold desolate moonlight I do sing Lamenting many a worldly regret As I find comfort from all kindred souls.

4. 《纪念册》

回忆层层叠叠, 尽是儿时光景。 同窗轶事, 隐藏在, 方形册里的方块文字。骊歌骤然响起, 悠悠忽忽。 唤醒了别离。 不由地格外珍惜, 杂糅尘土味的拜兄拜弟。
不曾说千言万语。 一任时光堆砌, 憨厚的情谊。 转瞬间桑榆渐晚, 只道云淡风也轻。

4 Autographs

Pages upon layers of memories Of scenes from childhood When school mates from old days are Hidden In characters inside square notebooks Where suddenly arises a farewell song With strains vague and yet long Evoking feelings of separation. Cherished is our camaraderie from earthy destinies Without volumes ever being spoken. As we let time build its blocks From good-natured friendship. When old age sneaks upon us all too soon We shall merely say: clouds are light and wind mild.


那一片青草地, 倒影过白墙红瓦的三层楼。 蓝色玻璃窗外, 听相思树细数, 欢乐与哀愁。 那一片青草地, 辉映着灿烂夜空春复秋。 懵懂的你我, 席地仰卧, 看满天星斗。
那一片青草地, 守护着捉鱼嬉戏的大水沟。 超度了多少年少轻狂, 随时光倥偬, 永不回头。岁月是不知不觉的神偷, 往事成烟愈浓稠。 不见了青草地, 只留下澎湃思念, 一发难收!

5 A Patch of Green

The patch of green grass over there Has reflected the white-walled red-tiled third storey. Outside the blue glass window I once listened to the acacia Enumerating our joys and sorrows. That patch of green over there Reflected the resplendent sky from spring to autumn. As innocent as we were Lying there gazing at the sky Teeming with glittering stars. That patch of green grass over there Watched the monsoon drain catching fish at play. How we have outgrown our frivolous youth Which has hurried past with time Never to come back The passing time is a sly thief unseen and unfelt As memories thicken like smoke fast and furious. Gone is that patch of green grass Leaving behind thoughts heaving like tides Which wouldn’t ebb once risen.

6. 《元旦》

一年伊复始,大地转乾坤。 劲草油油绿,祥云朵朵喧。 岁添双鬓白,雨促百花繁。 祝语随风至,盈盈满竹轩。

6 New Year’s Day

It’s yet another year again, The earth has come around once more. Green green grass grows strong; Auspicious clouds clamour in the sky. The new year finds my temples going grey While the rain urges blooms to flourish. I hear festive greetings in the wind Filling up my study by the bamboo grove.


火金姑,火金姑。 默默林中有若无, 树梢鸣鹧鸪。火金姑,火金姑。 夜里殷勤引路途, 归人影不孤。

7 Fireflies

Fireflies, O fireflies! Quiet as though absent in the wood, While sings the partridge on the tree. Fireflies, O, fireflies. Kindly show us the way at night, So the journey home wouldn’t be lonesome.

8. 《蒲公英》

轻风无意翩然去, 天涯处处凉如许。 寂寞伴浮岚, 愁思何以堪。 乍看花满路, 好景难留驻。 聚散两随缘, 相忘别梦牵。

8 Dandelions

The nonchalant breeze blows aimlessly, While the world is thus cold everywhere. The floating mountain air joins my solitude, Or how might my sorrows be bearable. The road ahead appears littered with fallen blooms Of a great scene that’s hard to keep from fading. Meeting or parting cannot but be destined Let’s not keep dreaming should we forget each other.


化雨春风,几缕幽思,几许笑容。 忆峥嵘岁月,百花绚烂; 翰林深处,众木葱茏。 薪火传承,族魂浩荡, 朗朗书声四处同。
天时变, 听西边雷电, 震慑长空。
今朝相聚华中, 徒唤起、心涛逐浪汹。 顾悠悠河水,迂回呜咽;莘莘学子,泣血填胸。 一纸文凭,一帧照片, 化作图腾荐列宗。
堪回首, 保炎黄根叶, 言岂由衷?

9.Qin Yuan Chun - “Chinese Schools - A Lasting Legacy”

Rain that transforms with wind that tames Quiet reflections emerging With a few smiling faces Recall turbulent times, Splendid blooms flourishing; In the depth of academia Verdant woods thrive. Holding the torch of tradition We feel the enormity of heritage Echoed in students’ recitation reverberating. Sudden climate changing Sends deafening thunder from the West Streaking across the sky
As we gather in Hwa Chong today Emotions rage in our breasts in vain. Better to contemplate the river taking its course slowly Meandering and whimpering, Sounding like students sobbing with a bleeding heart. May an old certificate And a faded photograph Turn into a totemic offering to ancestors So that we may yet look back again On the pledge to preserve Chinese culture. Was it ever a sincere promise?


光碟 2 CD 2


钢琴独奏曲 Piano solos

钢琴 :林翠芳

Piano : Lim Tshui Fang

乐曲说明 Notes on the music


当年—— 跳动的音符, 从指尖流出, 跨越了时代的藩篱。 声乐即兴, 似大珠小珠, 洒洒落落在荧光幕。 恐龙侏罗纪,小朋友手中的游戏。 轰轰烈烈厮杀一场, 所向无敌。 滴滴答答滴滴答答, 随着键盘。 梦想插上了翅膀, 海阔天空任飞翔。

1. Days with My Computer

Back then Bouncing musical notes Flew through your fingertips Across barriers of the times. The sound of music comes impromptu As though in the form of pearls of different sizes, Spreading all across the monitor. Dinosaurs of Jurassic In a game in children’s hands, Bitterly battling In mortal combat, Invincible. Tic-tac tic, tic-tac tic-tac click, Rising from the keyboard, A dream grows a pair of wings, Soaring freely to the sky over the sea.

2. 《葬礼》

钟声回荡, 敲击在心坎, 撩起了忧伤。 尘缘已尽, 逝者已矣。 魂归天国续永生。 弥撒声中, 鲜花送行。 哀思片片, 化作一缕轻烟。

2. A Funeral

Bells toll in reverberation Reaching deep into the heart, Stirs mournful sorrows. This life on earth is ended. All that is gone is no more. Eternity begins when the soul goes to Heaven. The prayers heard in the Mass Accompany the wreaths in the send-off. Pieces and pieces of grief Will soon turn into a wisp of smoke.

3. 《满园春色》

听莺鹊叫, 枝上新芽露头角。 料峭春寒, 解语桃花迎面笑, 春风唤醒了小草。

3. Birds in the Garden

When the magpie is heard singing The new leaves begin to grow from branches. Chills from the bracing spring, Peach blossoms greet us with knowing cheer, The spring breeze rouses the grass to life.


秋风乍起, 小河岸边柳丝乱。 桥下水潺潺。 听秋蝉, 声声催断肠。 花已黄, 点点归舟映斜阳, 秋色正烂漫。 且折一枝杨柳条, 寄回乡。

4. Willows by the River

Autumn winds rise suddenly, Sweeping brookside willows into disarray, Murmuring stream under the bridge. Hearing cries of the autumn cicadas Whose strains leave one stricken with grief. Leaves are yellowing, The setting sun shines on the returning boats, While the mellowing fall brings on a riot of colour. I shall pluck a strand of willow branch, To send it back home.

5. 《异国之冬》

寥寂空巷,冷风飕。 游云漂泊,不知寒。 落叶残枝映纱窗, 邻家炉火旺。已是深冬,已是深冬, 那堪异乡人。

5 Winter Days

Cold wind sweep into the deserted empty lane. The wandering clouds drift not feeling the chill. Falling leaves and bald branches cast shadows on the curtain, While fire in the neighbour’s kitchen is burning hot. ’Tis deep winter, deep winter indeed, Much worse for a stranger.


竖琴独奏曲 Harp solos

竖琴 :黄安玉

Harp : Sarah Wong An Yu


乐曲说明 Notes on the music


庄周梦中舞翩翩, 杜宇声切切。 莫道是, 春风太缱绻。 恰是彩蝶留芳影。 自来又自去, 本无情。 挑动了——谁的心?


Zhuang Zhou dances lightly in my dream To the cuckoo’s cries in earnest Perhaps The spring breezes are lingering so. Colourful butterflies leave their timely traces. Freely flitting to and fro, Naturally relentless. And yet has anyone’s heart been stirred?

2. 《涟漪》

平湖如镜, 水无愁。 一剪轻风卷起涟波, 圈圈朵朵。 青山永不老, 为伊白了头。 微波荡漾, 地久天长两两长相守。

2. Ripples

The lake is calm as a mirror, Water staying undisturbed. A whiff of wind whips up ripples, Circles rippling as though blooming. The green hills stand ageless As I grow grey for my love. Waves lapping gently, We shall both abide forever with each other.

3. 《早晨》

晨曦初照, 惊醒了, 酣睡的芍药。 露珠儿是未干的泪, 轻轻落下。 长夜风雨过处, 满地黄花。
3. Morning

The morning breaks early, Rousing Peonies from deep slumber. Dew drops are tears still wet Softly falling. Where the storm has been through the night Fallen petals scatter all over.


夜阑人静, 三更雨, 惊醒一帘幽梦。 梦里故人何在? 忆青涩岁月, 恍如梦。 曾经是风花满苑, 曾经是袅袅清音。 任由花开花又落, 寄一缕思念, 托一句问候, 在梦中。

4. Dream

In the still of the night, The rain at midnight Woke my dream with a start. Where’s the old friend I dreamed of? The immature times I recalled Vanished like a dream. The garden where breezes, flowers. And sweet strains used to dwell. Let time go by as flowers flourish and fall, I shall send you a line with thoughts of you Saying words of my greeting, In my dream.





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